Welcome to the Homepage of Austin Perl Mongers (old)

A little history thanks to Wayne Walker

A few of us got together at the Perl Conference 2.0 and decided to start a Perl Mongers in Austin. Like a fool I said I'd do it. Well, after much procrastination, I asked for a sponsor of an email list and a web page. You've found the webpage :)

The mailing list and web pages came online Septemebr 27, 1998. Don't expect miracles or organization yet :)

[SSZ: It has gotten a lot better!!!!]

Thanks to SSZ for hosting the site and the mailing list.

Meetings and Events

APM usually meets at 7:00 PM on the third Wednesday of each month. We meet either at Deja.com or at Three-Sixteen Technical Services. If in doubt, email the list or one of the contacts below. Mark Lehmann mlehmann@lehmbrain.net Wayne Walker wwalker@team-linux.com

Currently Scheduled Topics

Feb: Debugging CGI- Mark Lehmann
Mar: OOP- Bill Raty
Apr 19: DBI/DBD/DBM- Mark Lehmann
May 17: Active State Debugger- Larry  SWAPPED 
Jun 21: Embedding Perl in C- Chris
Jul 19: RC4- Richard Romanov[sic]  SWAPPED 
Aug 16: Tie classes- Bill Raty
Sep 20: LWP, HTML::TreeBuilder- Bill Raty

Meeting and Event Locations

It is important to note (again) that there is no fixed location but we do meet at the following more often than not. You should consider joining the mailing list if you wish to participate.

May 17th Meeting

Three-Sixteen Technical Services, Inc.
La Costa Corporate Park
6448 US Hwy 290 E., Suite E-105
Austin, Texas


Echelon II, Suite 300
9430 Research Blvd.
Austin, Tx. 78759

Map 1

Map 2

(Un)Subscription Information

Subscriptions via SSZ:

Send a mail message with "subscribe apm" as the messages body to "majordomo@ssz.com" to join our mailing list.

Subscriptions via Deja.com:

Contact their webpage and follow the instructions for joining the APM community. The normal mailing address for the list at that site is:


If you have difficulties getting on the list, you may contact Wayne Walker at wwalker@pobox.com.

Some additional information

The Austin Perl Mongers are supported at two different sites. The original is at SSZ and the other at Deja.com. There is ongoing discussion as to how to handle sync'ing the two resources, especialy the mailing list traffic between the two. For the latest info you will need to join the mailing list at one of the sites.

The mailing lists at TAG:SSZ are majordomo managed. This means that all subscription and unsubscription is handled automaticaly. To subscribe to a specific list consists of sending majordomo@ssz.com an email with an empty title and the body consisting of "subscribe mail_list_name". You will receive in return a description of the mailing list and instructions on how to unsubscribe. It is important to note that this unsubscription MUST be sent from the same email address that the subscription was made from. If you can't automaticaly unsubscribe or you experience other difficulties then contact lists@ssz.com for manual responce. You should receive a responce within 24 hours.

APM Mailing Lists Submission Sites

We are currently discussing joining the two mailing lists. The primary issue is endless looping of traffic. We hope to have a method resolved shortly. In the mean time, you should probably send to both addresses. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • apm@ssz.com
  • dejanews.comm.austin_perl_mongers@list.deja.com

    APM Homepages

  • SSZ Homepage
  • Deja.com Homepage

    TAG:SSZ Majordomo APM Information File

    Welcome to the Austin Perl Mongers (apm@ssz.com)
    This mailing list is for the discussion and propogation of Perl as a
    programming language. The Austin Perl Mongers have monthly meetings which
    are announced on the mailing list.
    If you have questions about APM please contact wwalker@pobox.com.
    The homepage is located at:
    If you have problems with apm@ssz.com contact lists@ssz.com.
    Austin Perl Mongers free resources at Deja.com include:
    * Mailing list that is archived, searchable, and has a threaded (web)
      interface so that you can read and post even if you don't have remote
      access to your email
    * Online chat (we really should schedule online meetings as well as offline).
    * Online poll
    * Online notes, for quick scratchings or for your favorite perl one-liner
    * Online whiteboard - a chunk of text that anyone can edit - could be used
      for about a billion things, but think of this as the group's bulletin
    * Online web bookmarks - assuming everyone CONTRIBUTES - this is where we can
      file all URLs that are of interest.
    * Online web pages via the Homestead service (this is a lot like Geocities)
      and is accessible via the "Our Web Pages" link:
    * Online calendar for the group, for marking the next meeting or other
      events that are meaningful to us
    Austin Perl Mongers pay resources at Deja.com include:
    * News reader access to the newsgroup (mailing list) via Deja.com's personal
      newsreader service (read: your own usenet feed!) - this one is $9.95 per
      month (or $69.95 per year, I believe).  http://bcandid.deja.com/

    Perl related URL's

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